A tale of discovery and loss, joy and heartache. A spiritual journey that spans centuries, and generations. An awakening that is a gift? Or is it a curse?

Sarah Macintyre Book One

Accolades for SONG OF THE ROBIN

“Song of the Robin is a captivating, mysterious and brilliant debut novel. I will certainly be looking out for more of R. V. Biggs’ work!”

“The author draws you in from the start and keeps you there until the very last page…”

“Wow this is a stunning, twisty book which is hard to believe is a debut novel!”

Sarah Macintyre Book Two

Accolades for REUNION.

“R. V. Biggs writes such stunning and special novels – I can’t wait to read whatever he publishes next”

“What can I say but WOW what a stunning, beautiful, atmosphere read.”

“All together a brilliant read! and I am going back myself to read Song of the robin just because I love the authors writing style so much!”

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