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A few weeks ago, and knowing that hedgehogs would be actively looking for mates and nest sites, I decided to purchase a trail cam. Nothing too sophisticated (or expensive), but enough to capture nocturnal activity.

At the same time I knocked up a feeding station out of lengths of deck boards so I could keep away our more common nocturnal adventurers… cats.

The feeding station now has to be topped up each day and with a little experimentation the camera has various positions to choose from.

What joy then that we’ve captured a few images and videos of these most delightful of hidden creatures. We also feel that since we have at least one smaller hedgehog we may be blessed with a nest somewhere in the garden, possibly under a shed where it is sheltered and dry.

We will continue to feed them and ensure there are sheltered areas in the hope they may set up home and overwinter.

Here’s a few images.

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