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“Each and everyday, we see images and events which are pure poetry in their ability to trigger an emotion… if only we paused a moment to take notice.”

Dear journal.

Been thinking about poetry recently. Oh not the Shelley, Byron, Yeats, Owen, Austen or Aitken type of poetry… poetry that went over my head at school. More the ‘poetry in motion’ type of poetry.

Yesterday I saw bath time in the garden. A while ago we put a shallow dish near the house and filled it with water for the birds, meaning for it to be used as drinking water. Turns out the birds like to take a bath in it  too.

Bath time is when the sparrows, starlings or baby blackbirds gather round and take it in turns to splash about. They even drink out of the puddles they make. Watching them is mesmerising. With a smile on my face yesterday, I stood for ages and watched this ‘poetry’ unfold.

I love watching Swifts at this time of the year too. In late July I can hear them from early morning to late evening squealing at each other and screaming around the rooftops chasing each other and teaching their young how to catch insects. Such aerobatics… they can change direction as quick as a bat. And when they join in small groups, their playful song is the song of a summers eve, wonderful… poetic.

All this nature stuff is poetic. None of it has to rhyme. It doesn’t have to follow rules unless you start talking about Darwin and his rules of evolution, the strongest and fittest. To dissect it that way, though, would be missing the point.

I love watching nature at work because of its poetry… because it’s magical to do so… because, and maybe this is the crux of it, it’s indifferent to us and independent from us. From the seeds that grow into enormous sunflowers or ripened fruit; the birds flocking, playing and bathing, to the hedgehog living with us for the summer. I see it all as ‘images and events which are pure poetry in their ability to trigger an emotion’.

And that’s it for today journal. I’ve attached some pictures for you so you can get an idea of what I mean about poetry in motion. You’ll see that for me much of the poetry around involves nature.